Md. Humayun Farid Photo Gallary


Md. Humayun Farid (Born 01 Dec 1997) is a Bangladeshi Software Developer , Musical artist, Digital Marketer, Entrepreneurs and Social media cyber security specialist.. He born in Feni Basically he focused himself on Digital Marketers, but as subsidiary he also put himself on many social activities.
He is a well-known independent music artist. He is a verified artist on Spotify, Deezer, apple music, amazon, YouTube, SoundCloud and so many other platforms.
Md. Humayun Farid dreams to make a peaceful cyber space whereas people wont have any trouble to lead their life peacefully. He says that "at present not only women but also man are getting trouble by many trap in social media. For dissolving those all of the people have to be united and be supportive to each other."